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Make this holiday season more about making a

difference than about presents and decorations.

Your people want to give back. Contact us today about hosting a special event for your group in November or December.



   Families  |  Small Groups  |  Churches  |  Youth Groups  |  Mission Teams

   |  Nonprofits  |  Schools  |  Teams

   3 Hours  |  In Person  |  Interactive  |  Action-Packed  |  Inspiring 



  Schedule an appointment with a Facilitator today to discuss your hopes for the event,    cost, and logistics. Email: or





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Unite's Community Simulation is used by dozens of groups each year to cast a vision for a flourishing community, to better understand how to care for the people in our lives, and to make connections with organizations caring for our neighbors who aren't flourishing. It's a great bonding experience for any group and will give you a shared experience and language to continue this conversation into the new year. 

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