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For years, many top down or well-intentioned approaches to holistic flourishing have left out the wisdom and leadership of those closest to the challenges. Created with the input of individuals with a personal experience in poverty, this community (COPE) experience sheds light on these challenges and catalyzes meaningful dialogue and action.


This experience provokes participants to rethink poverty, respond effectively, and partner with other community leaders.

COPE is a tool that will help your team:

  1. Deepen their understanding of the realities of poverty in America.

  2. Improve practices and approaches to better engage low income individuals and their families.

  3. Build partnerships with the broader community to improve outcomes for low-income families.


  • Is there a cost? Yes, the kit includes over 3,000 pieces and a team to help you navigate and build the best possible experience. Cost varies based on host needs. We have budget friendly ways to bring the experience to your community. *Licensed Facilitator Included

  • Need funding ideas? PTA, Government Funds, Individual Admission, Sponsorships, Community Collaboration are a few to consider.


Reach out to schedule an overview and discuss your goals. We can also bundle experiences for savings and overall impact.


Sponsorship & fundraising opportunities are available

Submit a Community (COPE) Experience Request form here.

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