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When we unite,

we all flourish.

Unite's vision is holistic flourishing for everyone in DFW. We all want that for our families, friends, and communities. We can accomplish that when we work together, and Unite's mission is to connect us.

Get informed, connected, and equipped to care for your people and community.

Every person and every organization was created for a purpose. Everyone has a contribution to make to the greater good, and some point we all need help. Where are you today?


Click here to find a helping for yourself or others

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or DIAL 2-1-1



to talk to a trained call center operator who can help you navigator your situation.

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Click here to volunteer, donate, or get trained to help others.




Click here to learn more about DFW's most effective tool for changing perspective on our needs and assets.


Email for details about our upcoming DFW-wide Tackle Hunger Campaign.

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