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What's your calling?

We believe every​ person is created for a unique purpose (Ephesians 2:10).


Living into our purpose or "calling" at home, work, and community allows us to personally flourish and contribute to the flourishing of others in these 2 ways:

1The people in our lives - our family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors. We're meant to love them, help them accomplish their purpose, and make sure they're flourishing.

2. The unique way we're created -  our passions, skills, and experiences which God utilizes to positively impact others.

Caling + Flourishing
What is your calling?

Do you know your calling and feel like you're fulfilling it? If not, we can connect you with people and resources that can help. Attend a Community Simulation to connect with the network.

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Are your people flourishing?
Challenges you can't address

Who are your people? How are they doing? If you don't know, we have an assessment you can share with them and training to help you learn how to ask. Attend a Community Simulation to connect with the network.

If someone you love runs into a challenge you don't know how to address, you can use to find help.

We believe every sector (education, healthcare, government, nonprofit, church, and business) has a role to play in fostering a flourishing community.

Sectors + Calling

Every organization should provide a place where people can live out their callings by caring for one another and/or utilizing their unique skills & passions, Attend a Community Simulation to see how and connect to the network.

Your organization's purpose

Some organizations called "frontline organizations" interact with neighbors who need additional support. Are you part of a public school, nonprofit, government assistance program, healthcare entity, mental healthcare provider, or an employer of low-wage workers?

Frontline organizations

Are you part of an organization meant to equip and mobilize people (a church, private school, college, or a community-oriented business)?

Mobilizing organizations
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Are you ready to join the network of people working together to foster a flourishing community?

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